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The road to OCD recovery begins here.

Why Dumont?

You can place your trust in Dumont Team to empower you to break the hold OCD has on your life.

With a foundation in science, paired with in-depth knowledge and understanding, we’re not just another treatment plan- we’re creating a life changing movement.

You Are Not Alone


We have witnessed the transformation of countless individuals suffering from the debilitating anxiety of OCD, and we're confident we can help you overcome it.


With a foundation in science paired with in-depth knowledge and understanding of OCD, we’re not just another treatment plan - we’re creating a life changing movement.

How To Start


We offer real, practical steps to overcome OCD in our innovative treatment program.


People go to the gym to workout their muscles and get stronger. Mental training is no different.

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Our Team

Image of Ryan Dumont

Ryan Dumont

CEO & Owner

"Any person can take adversity and make it into a positive."
Image of Richard Wingert

Richard Wingert

Chief Operating Officer

"Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity."
Image of Benjamin Stern

Benjamin Stern

Partner & Advisor

"Keep going. Difficult roads often lead to beautiful solutions."

The Dumont OCD team started with Ryan Dumont.

He had severe OCD and needed a way to manage his life. After attending the most world renowned OCD clinic in the world he was able to develop an approach to how to actually heal and live with this once unmanageable disease.

With our cutting-edge treatment plan, book, top OCD experts, and support community we strive to assist all sufferers on the road to recovery towards success and happiness.

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